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Textbook Curriculum Materials Center (TCMC) Procedures


1.       After the beginning of the academic fiscal year, the Education Subject Librarian will check the TEA website for the list of newly approved TCMC material. The Education Subject Librarian will review the list and select/mark the titles to be ordered for the TCMC collection.
2.       Education Subject Librarian will alert Gov Docs staff (LA IV?) that the list is available.
3.       Government Documents staff will review the list of conforming textbooks that have been adopted for the new school year. Staff will compile a list (Excel spreadsheet) of textbooks that have not already been selected for the TCMC collection. This list will include title of textbook, publisher, ISBN, and price for each book.
4.       This list will be forwarded to the Education Subject Librarian. She will identify appropriate materials for the collection.
5.       Only the Teacher’s edition of textbooks will be selected. Student editions will not be acquired, unless it is the only edition available, or accompanies the Teacher’s edition.   Wraparound editions are Teacher editions with accompanying material.
6.       Education subject librarian will forward the marked list to the Head Acquisitions Librarian to review. The Education Subject Librarian will also forward a copy of the marked list to Gov Docs.
7.       The expenditures for the TCMC collection comes from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction library allocation funds (45). The Head Acq. Librarian will forward the list to Collection Development, to start the ordering process.
1         Once the list is received in Collection Development, the material will be treated as a priority request for Curriculum and Instruction funds (45).   They will be entered into the Millennium system and an order record created.
2         If bib records are not available for the exact title/edition requested,  a short record will be created by Collection Development, according to the guidelines approved by the TCMC team.
3         Collection Development staff will pull the bib record from OCLC and attach it to the order record. 
4.       The Separates Acquisitions Librarian will alert Acquisitions Staff to begin ordering process. Materials will be ordered from a depository that distributes TEA approved books. If materials are not available at the depository, they will be ordered directly from an individual publisher.
5.       Receiving will print out a record and put it into the item, as it is received.
1.       As materials are received, the Documents Department picks up the materials. The Documents Department is responsible for preparing the material for shelf access. This includes processing the material for shelving, completing the catalog record, inputting the record into the library catalog, and shelving the material in the collection.
1.       Once a semester, an overdue list will be created by government documents staff. The item code 2 for each missing item will be changed to a “2.” Government documents staff will search for each missing item twice in a four week period.   After each search, if the item is not found, the item code 2 will be increased by one digit, until the item code 2 reaches 4. If the missing item is found, the item code 2 will revert to its original status. An item code 2 status of 4 will add the item to the candidates for replacement list, which will be handled by following the same procedures as other replacements in the Library. Library replacement funds are used to replace TCMC materials. Replacement recommendations come from the Education Subject Librarian or a faculty member and are based on the same criteria as other library replacements.  Once need for a replacement is determined, a request is submitted to the Separates Acquisitions Librarian. The request is then sent to the staff who orders replacements. Additional copies follow a similar procedure and are paid for by Curriculum and Instruction library allocation funds (45).
2.        Damaged material or material that is declared lost should be directed to government documents staff. Documents staff will contact the Education subject librarian to inquire about immediate replacement.
3.       When a TCMC textbook is taken out of adoption by the State Board of Education, the Documents Department staff changes the record to indicate that it is no longer in adoption. The material is moved to the NAD (non-approved) section of the collection. The Documents staff is responsible for checking the Instructional Materials Current Adoption Bulletin annually to ensure that only current adoptions remain in the regular shelving.
4.       Weeding, or deselection, is the responsibility of the Education subject librarian. When a title is identified for deselection, a member of the government documents staff will change the location code to the “WEEDING PROJECT – ASK at CIRC.” location for each book.  The materials will be delivered to the Access Services department, so that they will be available for review. The Education Subject Librarian is responsible for notifying affected academic department/s or discipline/s, and library staff. The material will remain on the WEEDING PROJECT review shelf behind the circulation desk for two (2) weeks after notice is sent to the department/s. Materials that are determined as materials that should be kept are returned to the government documents staff. The government documents staff will revise the location code and return the materials to the shelf. If there is any disagreement between the librarian and department faculty about whether a book should be retained or weeded, the Collection Development Librarian will be consulted.   In such cases, after input from the involved parties, the final disposition of the book/s will be determined by the Ass. V.P., University Library. For materials for which there is no objection to deselection from the collection, the government documents staff will manage the withdrawing of weeded titles, including removing the title from the catalog and ensuring that materials are appropriately discarded, as per the Library’s Weeding Policy and Procedure.