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Gift Policy

The library accepts gift material to be incorporated into the library’s collections when appropriate. The library reserves the right to review and add only what is determined to be of value or use to the collection.


The Collection Development Librarian reviews all gifts to the library’s general collections.  If you wish to donate material to the University Library’s general collections, please contact the Collection Development Librarian directly.


Gift policies and procedures for the Wittliff Collections are determined by the Director of the Wittliff Collections.  If you wish to donate material to The Wittliff Collections, please contact them directly. 


Gift Policies and procedures for the University Archives are determined by the University Archivist.  If you wish to donate material to the University Archives, please contact them directly.

Not all gift material donated to the University Library is accessioned into the collections. Material donated to the library but not accepted into the collections is disseminated at the discretion of the University Library.  The Collection Development Librarian acknowledges library material donations to the general collections, if the donor requests acknowledgment. Such acknowledgments are communicated via a gift/donation thank you letter.

Monetary value for donated gift material cannot be assessed by the library.  For appraisal values, donors should make their own appraisal arrangements before donating material to the library. All donors will be given a Donor Gift-in-Kind form.  If the donor values the gift at $5,000 or more, the Gift-in-Kind form must be returned with a professional independent appraisal.  If you wish to claim a tax credit for any University Library material gift donation, you should fill out a Donor “Gift-in-Kind” form along with the completion of IRS Form 8283.

Statistics are kept for gifts accepted by the library and are reported to the appropriate university administrators or offices in accordance with the University Policies and Procedures Statements (UPPS No. 03.05.01 Soliciting, Accepting and Processing Gifts and Grants from Private Sources)

Criteria by which library gift donations are accepted or rejected are determined by the collections mentioned in this policy (University Library’s general collections, the Wittliff Collections or the University Archives).  Generally the criteria includes:

  • The condition of the material being offered
  • It’s rarity or value
  • It’s appropriateness to the collection or collections it is being offered to 



GSH 8/25/2016