Gift Policy

The library accepts gift material to be incorporated into the other library collections, when appropriate. The library reserves the right to review and add only what is determined to be of value or use to the collection. The Collection Development Librarian reviews all monograph gifts to the collection. The Continuing Resources Librarian reviews all serial gifts.

Gift material accepted for the collection is accessioned into the collection. Material not accepted is disseminated to other Texas State University units, other appropriate, non-profit institutions, or discarded. The Collection Development Librarian acknowledges monographic gifts and the Continuing Resources Librarian acknowledges serial gifts, if the donor requests acknowledgment. Such acknowledgments are communicated via a gift/donation thank you letter. Monetary value cannot be assessed by the library.

Statistics are kept for gifts accepted by the library and are reported to the appropriate university administrators or offices. The process by which the library accepts or rejects material is specified in the Gift Procedures document.