Gift Procedures

1. All gift material, except serials, must go through Acquisitions/Collection Development. If someone calls offering non-serial gifts, have them contact Collection Development Librarian (245-1843).

2. Serial Gifts must go through Continuing Resources Librarian (245-2643).

3. Gift material intended for The Wittliff Collections should be offered directly to the curator of the Southwestern Writers Collection or the curator of the Southwestern & Mexican Photography Collection.

4. For general information purposes, the patron should be made aware that:

  • We cannot and do not guarantee that any material we are given will be placed in the collection.
  • Gifts are an unfunded expense to the library and are therefore given low priority in their acknowledgement and processing into the collection.
  • Gift material placed into the library’s collections must meet the University’s curriculum and research needs.
  • Gift material that comes to us and we choose not to add to the collection will be distributed to other non-profits, as we see fit, unless the patron indicates they want the material back.
  • Library cannot assess value to gift material for tax or any other purpose. We can only write a letter of acknowledgement indicating what we received from them.
  • The library prefers to see a list of material being offered, before it is delivered to the library.
  • The library does not have resources to pick up or ship material long distances. 
  • It is almost impossible to house gift material as a whole collection in physical proximity, so the library cannot and will not agree to that as a condition for acceptance.
  • The online catalog can include searchable information indicating gift material is part of a whole gift collection. The collection items can be retrieved together in the catalog even if on the shelf they do not appear together.