Lending Policies

Lending Policies for NON-UNIVERSITY and ALUMNI Borrowers

Lending Policies for Current Texas State Students, Faculty, and Staff


ID card

A TxState ID card must be presented at the time materials are checked out.

Loan periods and Number of items

The loan periods below apply to materials held by the Albert B. Alkek Library. RRC Library Services may set different loan periods for materials held at the RRC.

The Music Library has its own loan periods for materials in the Music Library collection. The LP Collection housed at the Alkek Library has a shorter loan period.

NUMBER OF ITEMS ALLOWED : All Texas State University borrowers are allowed to check out a maximum of 100 items. Within that limit only 4 audio/visual materials, such as DVDs and CDs, may be borrowed at any one time.

Material Type


Graduate Students



General Collection Books

 * Circulating collection books

*  Braille books

*  Theses and dissertations

*  Circulating government documents

*  Leisure Reading books


28 days

[3 renewals]

6 months

[2 renewals]


365 days

[2 renewals]

28 days

[3 renewals]

Reserve Materials


Loan period for reserve items established by the faculty member or individual placing the item on reserve

Circulation of some reserve items may be restricted to students enrolled in a specific course


Texas Curriculum Materials Center [TCMC]

14 days

[3 renewals]



14 days

[3 renewals]


Audiodiscs (LPs)

Music Library Collection @ Alkek

7 days

[3 renewals]


Audio Materials

*  Cassettes

*  CDs/MP3

*  PlayAways

*  Audiodiscs (LPs/Alkek)


28 days

[3 renewals]

Other audiovisual materials

*  Videos (VHS) & Motion Pictures

*  Maps

*  Posters, Charts, Pictures

*  Flash Cards/Activity Cards

*  Slides/Transparencies


28 days

[3 renewals]


Language Learning Media Collection

[All formats]


14 days

[3 renewals]


  * Microscope-slide

  * Models/Toys/Realia

  * Multimedia/Education         Kits

  * Multimedia/Education     Games

  * Math Manipulatives

28 days

[3 renewals]


Digital Media (Software)


28 days

[3 renewals]




Same day use; laptops due back 1 hour before closing.



*  Cassette players

*  Tape Recorders

*  Calculators

*  Headphones

*  Slide Projectors


7 days

Loan periods may be extended; Renewals vary by type of equipment

[Approval at the discretion of the Head of  Periodicals & Media]


Reference Materials

Special permission required

[Approval at the discretion of Reference Librarian at the Reference or Government Information Desk]


Special Collections

Supervised use only within the Wittliff Collections Reading Room




  1. No fines are charged to TxState faculty and staff for overdue materials.
  2. No fines are charged to students for overdue materials from the general collection.
  3. Main library: Fines of $5.00 (five dollars) per item per day or $1.00 (one dollar) per hour are charged to students for overdue reserve materials, special materials, media, and equipment. Maximum fines are $5.00 (five dollars) per item per day with a maximum of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) per item.  Fines continue to accrue until item(s) is checked in by a library staff member. 
    Check the Music Library for the fine schedule for materials in that location.


Overdue Notices

As a courtesy, the library sends a reminder that items will soon be due. If items are not returned by the due date, two (2) overdue notices are sent. If items are still not returned, a bill listing the cost of the items is sent. By default, notices are sent via email to the borrower's Texas State email address. The library is not responsible for late or non-delivery of a notice.

Material "Hold" and "Recall"

To ensure availability of library materials to all members of the academic community, an item can be recalled by another patron anytime after it has been checked out for two weeks, regardless of the loan period for the material OR for that category of user. This applies to ALL types of materials. ALL users are responsible for returning an item that has been requested by another patron.

Once an item has been requested by another patron, renewals will NOT be allowed.

If an item you need is checked out to another patron, you may request it directly from the library catalog. Click the "Request" button, displayed either to the right of or below the catalog record. You must enter your Texas State NetID and password, where you want to pick up the item (from the drop-down box below your password), and a date after which you do not need the item. You will be notified when the item is returned and ready for you to pick up.

If another patron requests an item which is checked out to you, you will receive a notice to that effect.  The notice includes a due date which may be EARLIER than the one originally assigned when you checked out the item.  You have 5 days from the NEW due date to return the item; if you have not returned it after 5 days, a block will be placed on your record until the item is returned.

Search for Missing Materials

If the catalog shows an item's status as "Available" but it is not on the shelf, you may fill out a search card online or at the circulation desk. Circulation personnel will search for the item and notify you if the item is found.

Lost and Damaged Materials

A user is responsible for lost or damaged materials. Charges for lost materials include the material cost and a processing fee of $5.00 (five dollars) per item. A repair cost, as determined by the library, will be charged for damaged materials.


Patrons are "Delinquent" when the borrowed materials are overdue or imposed fines are unpaid. Students with books due and/or with fines imposed during the current semester are encouraged to clear these arrears to avoid being barred from enrollment. Students with books due and/or fines imposed past one semester must clear these arrears in order to borrow additional books, obtain transcript or register for classes.

Use of Off-campus Libraries

Alkek Library users may borrow books directly from many other libraries in Texas through the TexShare Library Card Program. This program allows Texas State faculty, students, and staff to borrow books from more than 150 public and private universities and colleges as well as public libraries.