Learning Commons

The Learning Commons promotes active learning in comfortable technology-rich library spaces.

NEW in the Learning Commons:

Alkek second floor is under construction for improved infrastructure and connectivity. New locations during our renovation:

  • Research & Information desk is now located next to the central staircase
  • Computers and printing are available on the fourth floor
  • Leisure Reading is on the third floor, along with our Reference and Career Guides collections
  • Coffee shop and Instant Theater are temporarily closed

Research and Information Desk

main floor study space Learning Commons Features:

Main Floor

Fourth Floor

Meet Our Staff

  Liz Hibbs
  Learning Commons Librarian

  Kay Hetherly
  Learning Commons Assistant

       Jacob Ketchum
       Student Assistant

       Keyawna Hampton
       Student Assistant

    Lorin Flores
    Undergraduate Librarian

     Joseph Rodriguez
     Learning Commons Assistant

     Talia Johnson-Watkins
     Student Assistant

       Braden Grandinetti
       Student Assistant

      Tricia Boucher
      User Experience Librarian

             Donna Dean
             Student Assistant

    Brianna Henderson
    Student Assistant

         Melina  Trevino
         Student Assistant