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University Archives

Texas State University has a long and rich history dating from the legislative founding of Southwest Texas State Normal School in 1899. However, much of our history has been lost through eleven decades of administrative changes, building renovations, and occasional catastrophic events (such as floods).
The University Archives is beginning the process of organizing, preserving, and making available the historical records of the institution. We are interested in reclaiming lost pieces of our history and are seeking specific materials that will help fill the gaps in our historical record.

For more information about the University Archives and its resources, please visit our University History LibGuide. In addition, the Fall 2014 issue of Hillviews has an article about the University Archives on pages 34-37.

In fiscal year 2015, the University Archives received its first two digitization grants!  This is a great start for making our Hays County and student newspapers more accessible through Digital Collections.

Items we're currently seeking:

  • Freshman beanies and pledge beanies, especially when accompanied by information about the person who owned the item.
  • University, departmental, or student publications dating prior to 1970.
  • Pedagogs for 1916, 1953, and 1980 to use as reading room copies.  All of the Pedagogs are now online.
  • Copies of the Star from 1911-1960 in good condition (suitable for digitizing).  Early issues of the Star are now online thanks to recent digitization grants!
  • Any documentation of the campus elementary, middle school, and high schools.
  • Any documentation related to the campus farm.
  • Photographs of people and places on campus, especially when the subjects are identified.  Of particular interest are pre-1970 photographs of building interiors (such as classrooms and auditoriums) and early 20th-Century panoramic photographs of the campus community.
  • Invitations to and programs for University events - including lectures, performances, convocations, commencements, picnics, unveilings, and sporting events.
  • Official University Christmas / holiday cards.
  • Select historical artifacts such as school pennants and class rings. 
  • Any items that include the word "normal" in the school name (dated 1903-1923).

The archivists would like to talk with individuals who may be willing to donate records, memorabilia, photographs, or other items that relate to the history of Southwest Texas State Normal School (1903-1918), Southwest Texas State Normal College (1918-1923), Southwest Texas Teachers College (1923-1959), Southwest Texas State College (1959-1969), Southwest Texas State University (1969-2003), and Texas State University-San Marcos (2003-2013). 

University departments, offices, employees:

Any department, office, employee, or past employee who discovers “old” university records may have uncovered part of the history we want to document. Presidential and provost correspondence, building records, student organizations, and photographs of people and places on campus are highly desired. Please contact the Archives to schedule an appraisal if you discover any records with potential historical value.

The University Archives is located in Alkek 580. 

Contact the University Archives at

  • Kristine Toma, CA - University Archivist & Records Manager
  • Megan North, CA - Assistant Archivist and digital archives specialist

University Archives materials are open to researchers in the university community and the general public.  Access is available by appointment Monday through Friday during regular business hours (generally 8:00am-5:00pm).