Beginning Febrary 14th the Alkek Library will be conducting the LibQUAL survey. Working through the Office of Institutional Research this web survey is being distributed via email to a random sample of undergraduate students, as well as all graduate students, faculty, and university staff.

What is LibQUAL+®?

LibQUAL+® is a suite of services that libraries use to solicit, understand, and act upon users’ opinions of service quality. These services are offered through the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) New Measures and Assessment Initiatives. The program’s centerpiece is a rigorously tested Web-based survey bundled with training that helps libraries assess and improve library services, change organizational culture, and market the library. LibQUAL+® enables systematic assessment and measurement of library service quality, over time and across institutions.

Since 2000, more than 1,000 libraries have participated in LibQUAL+®, including colleges and universities, community colleges, health sciences libraries, law libraries, and public libraries—some with various consortia, others as independent participants. LibQUAL+® has also expanded internationally, with participating institutions in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. The growing LibQUAL+® community of participants and its extensive dataset are rich resources for improving library services.
What are the goals of LibQUAL+®?

The goals of the LibQUAL+® project include:

• Foster a culture of excellence in providing library service
• Help libraries better understand user perceptions of library service quality
• Collect and interpret library user feedback systematically over time
• Provide libraries with comparable assessment information from peer institutions
• Identify best practices in library service
• Enhance library staff members’ analytical skills for interpreting and acting on data

For anyone having questions or needing assistance with the survey, contact the library staff at:

Joan Heath
AVP, University Library