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Reserve a Library Space or Room

Reservable Group Study RoomsReserve a Group Study Room

Study rooms 512, 514, and 516 (located on the 5th floor) can be reserved in 2 hour blocks using the online reservation system during the hours the library is open. Choose the "Group Study- Level 5" tab to reserve either Room 512, 514, or 516.

Room 512 and 516 can seat up to 6 people; Room 514 can seat up to 10 people. 

If you do not claim your room within 15 minutes of your scheduled reservation time, other groups may use the room.

More info about Reservable Study Rooms

Alkek C2 Collaboration Center

Practice Presentation Rooms

This new space located on the 4th floor of the Alkek Library is a space designed for student collaboration and group work; to practice presentations, or for communicate with group members not on campus.

There are two multiple technology rooms to  accommodate groups of up to six students. In addition to a large conference like table, each room has two large screen displays and computer available. One room (480A) has video conferencing equipment. See more info, list of technology and software, and policies.

You can use the online reservation system to reserve a room in 2 hour blocks.

Open Theater Reservation Request

On Alkek's main floor, a 90 inch touch-screen monitor is available for presentations.

Alkek Library also hosts special events in this space, like our popular therapy dog sessions during final exams and the yearly Banned Books Read Out. Faculty, Staff and Students can reserve the Open Theater space using this online form: Open Theater Reservation Request

Library Space Request

Faculty may schedule Alkek Library open space (not including study rooms) to meet with their class when a course requires use of library materials. When this request is approved, signage will be posted in the appropriate area, reserving space for the class to meet.  Please contact the Library Circulation Desk, (512)245-3681, with any questions.

Library research instruction is also available.Research Librarians can provide course customized hands-on instruction sessions.

Library Meeting Room Request

These rooms are available to staff and faculty for official university events (i.e. workshops, conference, meetings and special events.) Reservations are handled by the Library Administration Office, Room 204, phone 245-2133. Once availability is confirmed the reservation will be added to the Alkek 105/106 or Supple Room-751A calendar and a meeting invitation sent to the requestor for confirmation. More info on request form.