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What is Texas State University’s Digital Collections Repository?   What does it include? 

The Digital Collections repository is a service that provides free and open access to the scholarship and creative works produced and owned by the Texas State University community. The Digital Collections centralizes, preserves, and makes accessible the knowledge generated by the university community, which includes faculty publications, theses & dissertations, plus digitized materials from The Wittliff Collections, the University Archives, and other materials unique to Texas State University. It is a professionally maintained archive that gives the university’s intellectual and creative output increased visibility and accessibility over time.


Why have an Open Access Repository?

Scholarly communication—the process used by scholars to share the results of their research—is fast approaching a crossroads. Individual disciplines and the scholarly community as a whole will soon need to make far-ranging decisions about how scholarly information is formally and informally exchanged, because current methods of scholarly communication are increasingly restrictive and are economically unsustainable.   Open access (OA) literature is defined by Peter Suber, Research Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College, “as literature which is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.  It is not self-publishing, nor a way to bypass the peer review process.  Open Access is simply a means of making traditional research publications available to all potential readers.”



How to create an account.   

Only Texas State faculty and staff may self-submit to the repository.  Students wishing to submit a document should contact a faculty member to submit a document for them.  At the repository site, under Author’s Corner, click on “login.”  Type in your Texas State netID and your password.  You will automatically be registered.   Notice the Profile tab at the upper right side of the window (it will have your name).  Click on it to see your profile.  This is where you can indicate you want to receive statistics of your document downloads. 



How to submit scholarship to the repository. 

There are 3 options for submitting scholarship to the repository.  They are:

o  Documents previously published or distributed

o   Unpublished Documents

o   Document with more than one title, i.e. translated or additional title



Services and Guidelines  Get help determining copyright status of published materials:


Author’s Rights


SHERPA - Listing of many publishers' copyright policies



If you have questions or need help determining copyright status of the material you want to submit, please contact the Repository Administrators.


 Digital Collections @ Texas State will:

Retain and maintain content submitted to the Repository

Distribute content according to community decisions (however, metadata will always be accessible, unless items are withdrawn in accordance with Repository guidelines)

Preserve content using accepted digital preservation techniques

Notify Communities of significant changes to content, e.g., format migration for preservation purposes

If Texas State University ceases to support the Repository, it will return collections to existing communities.

Content from communities which have ceased to exist, will be offered to the University Archives