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Dissertation & Thesis Submission Instructions


There is no library submission requirement for dissertations or theses. The Library will create a print copy of your manuscript for the Alkek Library from the electronic version you submitted. No payment is necessary.


Students have the option of providing additional copies of their manuscript to have bound as personal copies or department copies. These can be dropped off at the Circulation Desk at the Alkek Library between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday - Friday.  Payment must be made at the time the copies are deposited at the Circulation Desk. Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or check.

  • Personal copies:
    • You must provide your own copies to be bound.
    • $15 processing fee per order; plus approximately $9 binding fee per copy
    • Shipped via FedEx in 6-8 weeks to address provided
  • Department copies:
    • You must provide your own copies to be bound.
    • Approximately $9 binding fee per copy
    • No processing fee
    • Department copies will be sent through campus mail. 
    • Written documentation required if department will be paying for copies (interdepartment transfer)


Collation & Formatting Responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that copies are collated properly before submitting them to the Library. Bindery does not alter the arrangement, direction, or order of pages.

Paper Quality

You can choose your own 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper for personal and department copies. The paper does not need to be archival quality. Print on one side only with margins within Graduate College guidelines.  The copies must be clean, no inked corrections.


If you have any questions regarding fees or the submission, please contact the Bindery Manager, Shirley Lipinski, at