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Textbook Curriculum Materials Center (TCMC) Procedures

Textbook Curriculum Materials Center (TCMC)


  1. After the beginning of the academic fiscal year, the Education Subject Librarian will check the TEA website for the list of newly approved TCMC material. 
  1. Once the gift collection is received from Region 13 or publishers, received material will be checked against the list and routed to Government Information LA IV.
  1. The Education Subject Librarian will identify appropriate materials from the gift collection to include:  Only the Teacher’s edition of textbooks will be selected.  Student editions will not be maintained, unless it is the only edition available, or no Wraparound Teacher’s edition is available.   Wraparound editions are Teacher editions with accompanying material.  Any additional material is at the discretion of the Education Subject Librarian.
  1. The expenditures for purchasing any material missing from the gift collection comes from the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction  library allocation funds (45).  The Education Subject Librarian will submit request forms to start the ordering process.  Collection Action Funds may be an option in years when textbook purchases may have a significant impact on department collection development funds. 


  1. Once the Education Subject Librarian submits order requests via a spreadsheet or request order system, the material will be treated as Priority request for Curriculum and Instruction funds (45).   They will be entered into the Sierra system and an order record created.
  2. MARS staff will be order from a depository that distributes TEA approved books.  If materials are not available at the depository, they will be ordered directly from an individual publisher.


  1. The Specialized Collections Unit will catalog material as it is received.  Any part of a TCMC kit which is not kept will be made available to patrons or donated to organizations as determined by the Education Subject Librarian.  The Specialized Collections Unit is responsible for cataloging and preparing the material for shelf access.  This includes cataloging, creating item records, labeling and shelving the material.


  1. Any TCMC material which is missing, claimed returned, or damaged will be processed using the following methods:
    1. Missing or Claimed Returned: Monthly, the Specialized Collections staff creates a list of TCMC materials that is missing or claimed returned. 
      1. If the item is not found, the item code 2 will be increased by one digit, until the item code 2 reaches 4.
      2. If the item is found, the item code 2 will be change to – (blank) and the status corrected to available.
      3. All materials with Item Code 4 will be added to the replacement list and processed using the regular library replacement cycle. Any TCMC replacements will use the replacement fund.  Replacement recommendations will come from the Education Subject Librarian and/or faculty.
      4. All replacements will be processed by MAR. Additional copies follow a similar procedure and are paid for by Curriculum and Instruction library allocation funds (45).
    2. Damaged: If the material is damaged beyond repair, route to Specialized Collections Staff. Staff will change item code 4 to Withdraw/replace and change status to Damaged/No-Circ. Staff will contact Education Subject Librarian as to whether or not item should be replaced.
      1. Yes replace: A replacement order request will be submitted through a request system. Damaged copy will be withdrawn by Specialized Collections staff.
      2. NO, do not replace: Damaged copy will be withdrawn by Specialized Collections staff.
  2. When a TCMC textbook is taken out of adoption by the State Board of Education, the Education Subject Librarian changes the record to indicate that it is no longer in adoption.  The material is moved to the NAD (non-approved) section of the collection.