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Media Replacement (VHS or DVD)

Media Replacement and VHS/DVD Conversion Procedure

Texas State University adheres to copyright law and will not duplicate, nor convert, media to digital format unless certain steps are completed. 

The Copyright Officer is here to help you through this process. Contact Stephanie Towery, Copyright Officer (512-245-1090), with the title of your VHS/DVD and a description of your intended use. Alternatively, you can fill out this form online: VHS Conversion Request Form.

Steps the Copyright Officer will help you take:

  1. If a streaming license (or DVD version) of the content is commercially available, we should purchase it, rather than make a conversion.
  2. If a DVD or digital copy of the video is not available for purchase, the Copyright Officer will attempt to contact the copyright owner to request permission to digitize the media from analog to digital format.
  3. Alternately, if you believe you have a argument for a Fair Use or other exception to the Copyright Act, the Copyright Officer will assist you in assessing that argument.