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VHS Conversion Request Form

Do you have permission to convert the VHS to digital format? *
Who owns the title? *
What type of content is on the VHS tape? *
How frequently do you use this title? *
What format would you like the media converted to? *

Copyright Requirement Acknowledgement

Texas State University adheres to United States the copyright laws within Title 17 of the U.S. Code. Requestor warrants and agrees that he or she is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing the media conversion sought under this agreement.

Requestor will indemnify and hold Texas State University harmless for claims, liabilities, causes of action, losses, damages, and costs (including attorney fees) arising out of any copyright or intellectual property infringement due to conversion performed or sought to be performed under this agreement, and arising out of any actions in tort, or contract, brought against the University by reason of this conversion.

Texas State University is not responsible for original media lost or damaged while in the University’s possession. Texas State University will not convert any media that does not conform to the University’s policies and standards.

I confirm that I agree to the Copyright Requirement Acknowledgement *