Alkek Library Exhibitions & Displays

There are exhibit and displays found throughout the library. Learn more about reservable display areas in the library.

Below is what is currently on display in the library.

Alkek 2nd Floor

Texas State Faculty and Staff Books from 2020

There is no shortage of talented writers and researchers among the staff and faculty at Texas State University. The current 2nd floor display contains notable books authored by Texas State faculty and staff during the calendar year of 2020. Coming soon we'll be displaying the collection of books published by Texas State authors during the calendar year of 2021. Be sure to check these out!

Alkek Third Floor

Color and design exhibit with books on color and design

Classical Architecture Exhibit

This exhibit is to accompany the ICAA Workshop in Classical Architecture at Texas State University and features classical architecture books from the library's collection written by some of the most influential architects in history. 

Photographs by Tara Smith of Texas State campus buildings that have classical architectural elements are also featured in the exhibit. 

Juvenile Collection Exhibit

The Juvenile Exhibit showcases new children’s and young adult material for the Juvenile Collection. The Juvenile Collection supports the needs of student educators and the Education & English departments. Titles also support K-12 content areas as well as various award winners. Material is available for checkout to all Texas State University students, faculty, and staff.

See the permanent Juvenile Collection Exhibit near the Juvenile Collection on the 3rd floor.

Alkek Fourth Floor

Archives and Research Center

Archives and Research Center journey

Did you realize that the Alkek Library only houses a fraction of the materials in the Texas State collection? Hundreds of thousands of items are actually stored and preserved in the Archives and Research Center located in STAR Park. This state-of-the-art facility houses books, artwork, university artifacts and much more in a climate-controlled environment designed to prolong the life of these valuable treasures. Our fourth floor display tells more about the facility and explores the journey an item takes when it is requested for checkout. It's a fun story!

Alkek Fifth Floor

Texas State Sports History

Image of University Archives exhibit on Texas State Sports History

Play ball! Or any other sport you’d like. Sports have been a part of Texas State’s history since the first basketball team graced the pages of the 1904 Pedagog. Stop by the 5th floor of Alkek Library to see some sports-related highlights from the University Archives. The exhibit covers sports from the early 1900s through the 1990s. Items displayed include photos, trophies, and equipment. See a jacket worn by a member of the 1960 championship basketball team and a helmet worn by a football player in the 1920s!

If you have any questions about any of the items on display, about the history of sports at Texas State, or suggestions for future exhibits, feel free to contact the University Archives:

Visit to see the University Archives’ online exhibits.

Alkek Sixth Floor

Latina/o and African American Material Exhibit 6th Floor

African-American Materials Exhibit

6th Floor 

This exhibit includes materials that support the new African-American Studies program. Read more about the African-American Studies program and library resources available related to it on the African-American Studies Research Guide.

Latina/o Materials Exhibit

6th Floor

This exhibit includes materials that support the Latina/o Studies minor. See more library resources available related to it on the Latina/o Studies Research Guide.

Alkek Seventh Floor

The Wittliff Collections

A museum-within-a-library, The Wittliff Collections’ seven exhibition galleries are free and open to the Texas State community and the general public.  Check out the current exhibitions!