Agreements & Forms

Author Addendum

To disseminate your scholarship to the widest possible audience and increase your impact and citations, make sure you retain the right to post your work to repositories including the TXST Digital Collections Repository.

Attach an author addendum to your publishing agreement in order to specify which rights you want to retain as the author. Simply include this Author Addendum specifying the rights you retain as the author with your publication agreement. More information and resources are listed below, and feel free to contact us ( with any questions or for help with the Author Addendum. 

Quick Submit Form

Looking for a faster submission option? Use the Quick Submit form to quickly upload your work to be included in the TXST Digital Collections Repository. We'll process the items for you, enter the metadata information, and email you the permanent link once online.

Quick Submit Form

Self-submitters license agreement

When you submit a document directly to the Digital Collections of Texas State University (faculty and staff only), one of the required steps is to agree to a non-exclusive distribution license. Please read the terms of the license before submitting your document. If you have any questions regarding the license and terms, please contact the Repository Administrators ( In the course of the submission process, you will be asked to agree to these terms. 

Honors Thesis Agreement

Students enrolled in the Texas State University Honors Program have their honors thesis submitted to the TXST Digital Collections Repository. When a student submits their thesis, they will be required to fill out a deposit agreement. You may print out this copy, fill out the agreement, sign, get your advisors signature, and submit to the Honors Program at your final thesis checkout.

International Research Conference for Graduate Students

Participants presenting at the International Research Conference for Graduate Students are invited to include their conference posters and materials in the TXST Digital Collections Repository. Use the submission form below to enter your information and upload your files.

Research Conference Submission Form

Master of Applied Geography Directed Research Project Agreement

Students participating in the Master of Applied Geography at Texas State University are invited by their review committee to include their Directed Research Projects in the TXST Digital Collections Repository.

Corresponding student and their advisor will fill out and sign the deposit agreement and include a final copy of the paper, both as PDF documents. Materials may be uploaded online: 

Directed Research Project Submission Form

Master of Public Administration Applied Research Project Agreement

Students participating in the Master of Public Administration Program's Applied Research Projects at the Texas State University Department of Political Science, are invited by their review committee to submit their projects to the TXST Digital Collections Repository. The review committee decides which projects will be included. Once it is determined that an Applied Research Project will be submitted, the student will be asked to fill in and submit the following agreement with their project documents. As an Applied Research Project program student, you may print this agreement, fill it out, and submit with your project.

St. David's School of Nursing Capstone Project Agreement

Students enrolled in the St. David's School of Nursing program submit their Capstone Projects to the TXST Digital Collections Repository through their advisor. The following checklist includes the steps for submitting Capstone Projects:

  1. Fill out the Capstone Project Deposit Agreement including information about the corresponding student, capstone advisor, and capstone project document.
  2. Corresponding student will submit to their Capstone Advisor the Deposit Agreement filled out and signed by the student and a copy of the Final Capstone Paper, both as PDF documents.
  3. Capstone advisor signs and dates the Deposit Agreement, acknowledging permission to include the capstone paper in the repository. 
  4. Advisor submits Deposit Agreement and the Final Capstone Paper through the Nursing Capstone Submission Form.
  5. Corresponding student and capstone advisor will receive email confirmation once the paper is online. 
  6. Below is the Digital Collections Deposit Agreement for Capstone Projects: 

Nursing Capstone Submission Form

Thesis or Dissertation Deposit Agreement

Currently enrolled graduate students will submit their thesis or dissertation via an online system called Vireo. As part of the Vireo submission process, students will select whether to make their theses or dissertation available in TXST Digital Collections Repository immediately or after a specified embargo period (typically 1-2 years), and students will sign the non-exclusive distribution license. 

Texas State University graduate students who did not submit their work via the Vireo system can still include their thesis or dissertation in the Digital Collections Repository by sending the signed non-exclusive license agreement with a digital copy (e.g., PDF, MS Word) of their theses or dissertation to:

Thesis or Dissertation Removal Agreement

A student who has previously submitted a thesis or dissertation to Digital Collections, may need to request removal of their work from the repository. To do that, they must print out and fill in the document called ETD Removal Request, linked below. Once this request is filled in and signed, it must be submitted to the repository administrators at

If you have questions, would like more information, or need copies of license agreements in other formats, please contact us: