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Resources for Diction Studies

Please keep in mind that this list of resources is not comprehensive; it is intended to be a helpful starting point for your research, particularly highlighting resources which are available via the libraries of Texas State University.

Reference Sources for Diction Studies

Diction: Italian, Latin, French, German: the Sounds and 81 Exercises for Singing Them, revised ed. (2008: ECS)           
MT 883 .M67 2008 (Music Library Reference)

Phonetic Readings of Schubert Lieder (1994: Scarecrow)           
MT 883 .M25 1994 (Music Library Reference)

Phonetic Readings of Songs and Arias: Authentic Pronunciation of 413 Italian, German, and French Lyrics from “The Singer’s Repertoire” In International Phonetic Alphabet Transcription (1964: Pruett Press)           
MT 883 .C63 (Music Library Reference)

The Singer’s Manual of English Diction (1953: Schirmer)           
MT 883 .M3 1953 (Music Library Reference)

Singer’s Manual of German and French Diction (1970: Schirmer)           
MT 883 .C69 (Music Library Reference)

A Singer’s Manual of Spanish Lyric Diction (1994: Leyerle)           
MT 883 .C27 1994 (Music Library Reference)

Singers’ Italian: A Manual of Diction and Phonetics (1970: Shirmer)           
MT 883 .C64 (Music Library Reference)

Singing in Czech: A Guide to Czech Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire, revised ed. (2015: Rowman & Littlefield)           
MT 883 .C44 2015 (Music Library Reference)
also available online

The Well-Tempered Announcer: A Pronunciation Guide to Classical Music (1996: Indiana U)           
ML 109 .F73 1996 (Music Library Reference)