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Resources for Libretti and Translations

Please keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive; it is intended to be a helpful starting point for your research, particularly highlighting resources which are available via the libraries of Texas State University.

Reference Sources for Libretti and Translations

Claudio Monteverdi: Songs and Madrigals (1999: Long Barn)
ML 54.7 .M66 1999 (Music Library Reference)

The Complete Verdi Libretti (1994: Leyerle)
ML 49 .V45 C6 1994 v. 1-4 (Music Library Reference)

French Opera Libretti (1999: Leyerle)
ML 48 .F74 1999 v.1-3 (Music Library Reference)

Handel Opera Libretti (2005: Leyerle)
ML 49 .H13 H3 2005, v. 1-2 (Music Library Reference

Italian Belcanto Opera Libretti (2000: Leyerle)
ML 48 .I83 2000 v.1-3 (Music Library Reference)

Italian Song Texts from the 17th Through the 20th Centuries (2002: Leyerle)
17th Century: ML 54.6 .I85 2002 v.1 (Music Library Reference)
18th Century: ML 54.6 .I85 2002 v. 2 (Music Library Reference)

The Libretti of Mozart’s Completed Operas (1997: Leyerle)
ML 49 .M69 L5 1997 v. 1-2 (Music Library Reference)

Masters of the French Art Song: Translations of the Complete Songs of Chausson, Debussy, Duparc, Faure, and Ravel (2001: Scarecrow)
ML 54.6 .M33 2001 (Music Library Reference)

Masters of the Italian Art Song: Word-by-Word and Poetic Translations of the Complete Songs for Voice and Piano (1990: Scarecrow)
ML 54.6 .M34 1990 (Music Library Reference)

The Ring of Words: An Anthology of Song Texts: Over 300 art songs of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Norway, and Sweden, with line-by-line English Translations (1973: W.W. Norton)
ML 54.6 .M5 R5 1973 (Music Library Reference)

Schubert’s Complete Song Texts: with International Phonetic Alphabet Transcriptions, Word for Word Translations, and Commentary (1996: Leyerle)
ML 54.6 .S39 G515 1996 v.1-2 (Music Library Reference)

The Texts to Johann Sebastian Bach’s Church Cantatas (1984: Hanssler-Verlag)
ML 54 .B15 C32 1984 (Music Library Reference)

Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire (1988-2009: earthsongs)
Sacred Latin Texts: BV 186.5 .J43 1988 v.1 (Music Library Reference)
German Texts: BV 186.5 .J43 1988 v.2 (Music Library Reference)
French and Italian Texts: BV 186.5 .J43 1988 v.3 (Music Library Reference)
Hebrew Texts: BV 186.5 .J43 1988 v.4 (Music Library Reference)

Verismo Opera Libretti (2000: Leyerle)
ML 48 .I89 2000 v.1 (Music Library Reference)

Word by Word Translations of Songs and Arias (1966; 1972, Scarecrow)
German and French: ML 54.6 .W65 pt. 1 (Music Library Reference)
Italian: ML 54.6 .W65 pt. 2 (Music Library Reference)