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Resources for Piano Studies

Please keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive; it is intended to be a helpful starting point for your research, particularly highlighting resources which are available via the libraries of Texas State University.


When browsing the Music Library’s stacks for piano music scores ("sheet music"), see these areas:

  •  M 20–39 (solo piano)  
  •  M 200–216 (piano, 4 hands)
  •  M 310–344 (piano trios)
  •  M 410–444 (piano quartets)
  •  M 1010–1011 (concertos for piano and orchestra)
  •  MT 220–255 (studies and methods for piano)

Reference Sources for Piano and Harpsichord

Beethoven: Solo Piano Literature: A Comprehensive Guide: Annotated and Evaluated with Thematics (1992: Maxwell Music Evaluation)
MT 145 .B4 L84 1992 (Music Library Reference)

A Bibliography of Nineteenth-Century American Piano Music: With Location Sources and Composer-Biography Index (1984: Greenwood)
ML 128 .P3 G54 1984 (Music Library Reference)

Concert Piano Repertoire: A Manual of Solo Literature for Artists and Performers (1974: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .P3 F39 (Music Library Reference)

A Dictionary for the Modern Pianist (2017: Rowman and Littlefield)
ML 102 .P5 S6 2017 (Music Library Reference)

Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire, 4th ed. (2014: Indiana U)
ML 128 .P3 H5 2014 (Music Library Reference)
also available online

The Harpsichord Booke: Being a Plaine & Simple Index to Printed Collections of Musick (1986: Index House)
ML 128 .H35 A7 1986 (Music Library Reference)

Music for More than One Piano (1983: Indiana U)
ML 128 .P3 H82 1983 (Music Library Reference)
also available online

Music for Piano and Orchestra (1981: Indiana U)
ML 128 .P3 H53 (Music Library Reference)

Music for the Piano: A Handbook of Concert and Teaching Material from 1580 to 1952 (1973: Dover)
ML 128 .P3 F7 1973 (Music Library Reference)

The Pianist’s Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases (1990: Indiana U)
ML 128 .P3 H536 1990 (Music Library Reference)

Piano Duet Repertoire: Music Originally Written for One Piano, Four Hands (2016: Indiana U)
ML 128 .P3 M2 2016 (Music Library Reference)

Piano Music in Collections: An Index (1982: Detroit Information Coordinators)
ML 128 .P3 F87 1982 (Music Library Reference)

The Piano in Chamber Ensemble, 2nd ed. (2006: Indiana U)
ML 128 .C4 H5 2006 (Music Library Reference)

Piano Pedagogy: A Research and Information Guide (2009: Routledge)
ML 128 .P3 C66 2009 (Music Library Reference)

Schubert: Solo Piano Literature (1986: Maxwell Music Evaluation)
MT 145 .S28 S4 1986 (Music Library Reference)

Team Piano Repertoire: A Manual of Music for Multiple Players at One or More Pianos (1976: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .P3 C48 (Music Library Reference)