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Resources for Violin Studies

Please keep in mind that this list of resources is not comprehensive; it is intended to be a helpful starting point for your research, particularly highlighting resources which are available via the libraries of Texas State University.


When browsing the Music Library’s stacks for violin music scores ("sheet music"), see these areas:

  •  M 40–44 (violin with no accompaniment)  
  •  M 217–223 (violin with piano)
  •  M 450–454 (string quartets)
  •  M 1012–1013 (concertos for violin and orchestra)
  •  MT 260–279 (studies and methods for violin)
  •  MT 266 (orchestral excerpts)

Reference Sources for Violin

The Canon of Violin Literature: A Performer’s Resource (2011: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .V4 N37 2011 (Music Library Reference)