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Resources for Vocal Repertoire Studies

Please keep in mind that this list of resources is not comprehensive; it is intended to be a helpful starting point for your research, particularly highlighting resources which are available via the libraries of Texas State University.


When browsing the Music Library’s stacks for vocal music scores ("sheet music"), see these areas:

  • M 1528–1529.5 (secular vocal music for two or more solo voices)
  • M 1619 (art song collections, two or more composers)
  • M 1620 (art song collections, one composer)
  • M 1621 (a single art song or song cycle)
  • M 1630.18 (popular-music songbooks)
  • M 1990–1998 (secular vocal music for children)
  • M 2018–2019.5 (sacred music: two or more solo voices)
  • M 2102–2114.8 (sacred music: one solo voice)
  • MT 820–915 (vocal techniques)  

For help locating choral music, click here.
For help locating musical theater music, click here.
For help locating arias/operas, click here.

Reference Sources for Vocal Repertoire

American Art Song and American Poetry, 2nd ed. (2012: Scarecrow)
ML 2811 .F75 2012 (Music Library Reference)

Art Song Composers of Spain: An Encyclopedia (2009: Scarecrow)
ML 106 .S7 D73 2009 (Music Library Reference)

Art Song in the United States, 1759-2011: An Annotated Bibliography, 4th ed. (2013: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 C37 2013 (Music Library Reference)

Catalogue of Vocal Solos and Duets Arranged in Biblical Order, 2nd ed. (2003: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 L38 2003 (Music Library Reference)

Chamber Music for Solo Voice and Instruments, 1960-1989 (1994: Fallen Leaf)
ML 128 .S3 K55 1994 (Music Library Reference)

The Comprehensive Catalogue of Duet Literature for Female Voices: Vocal Chamber Duets with Keyboard Accompaniment Composed between 1820-1995 (1999: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .V7 N53 1999 (Music Library Reference)

The Encyclopedia of French Art Song: Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc (2013: Pendragon)
ML 102 .S6 D39 2013 (Music Library Reference)

From Studio to Stage: Repertoire for the Voice (2002: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .V7 D67 2002 (Music Library Reference)

German Poetry in Song: An Index of Lieder (1995: Fallen Leaf)
ML 128 .S3 S66 1995 (Music Library Reference)
ML 128 .S3 S66 1995 Suppl. (Music Library Reference)

Index to Poetry in Music: A Guide to the Poetry Set as Solo Songs by 125 Major Composers (2003: Routledge)
ML 128 .S3 B68 2003 (Music Library Reference)

Literature for Voice: An Index of Songs in Collections and Source Book for Teachers of Singing (1984: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 G64 1984 (Music Library Reference)

Literature for Voice: Volume II: An Index to Songs in Collections, 1985-2000 (2000: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 G64 1984 v.2 (Music Library Reference)

Music for the Voice: A Descriptive List of Concert and Teaching Material (1968: Genevieve Greer Kagen)
ML 128 .V7 K3 1968 (Music Library Reference)

Recent American Art Song: A Guide (2008: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 C65 2008 (Music Library Reference)

Repertoire for the Solo Voice: A fully annotated guide to works for the solo voice published in modern editions and covering material from the 13th century to the present (1977: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 E8 v.1-2 (Music Library Reference)

Researching the Song (2006: Oxford U)
ML 102 .S6 E46 2006 (Music Library Reference)
also available online

A Singer’s Guide to The American Art Song, 1870-1980 (1993: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .S3 V5 1993 (Music Library Reference)

Solo Vocal Works on Jewish Themes: A Bibliography of Jewish Composers (2011: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .J4 J35 2011 (Music Library Reference)

Song: A Guide to Art Song Style and Literature (2005: Hal Leonard)
MT 120 .K56 2006 (Music Library Reference)

Song Index: An Index to More than 12,000 Songs in 177 Song Collections… (1926/1934)
ML 128 .S3 S31 1990 (Music Library Reference)

Songs for Beginning Bass Voice: With Annotated Guide to Works for Beginning Bass Voice (2002: Scarecrow)
ML 132 .S6 O74 2002 (Music Library Reference)

Songs for Young Singers (2002: Scarecrow)
ML 132 .S6 H67 2002 (Music Library Reference)

Songs in Collections (1966: Information Coordinators)
ML 128 .S3 D37 (Music Library Reference)
Note: contains art song, traditional folk, carols, sea-chanties

Twentieth-Century Countertenor Repertoire: A Guide (2008: Scarecrow)
ML 128 .V7 R45 2008 (Music Library Reference)

Vocal Chamber Music: A Performer’s Guide, 2nd ed. (2008: Routledge)
ML 128 .V7 D86 2008 (Music Library Reference)