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Entering the Library
Leaving the Library in an Emergency
Reference Services
Retrieving Library Materials
Returning Library Materials
Copying & Scanning
HathiTrust Access for Patrons with Print Disabilities
4-Track Talking Book Cassette Player
Computer Lab Equipment - Floor 2 Student Learning Assistance Center
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Located in the library's underground parking garage at the end of Talbot Street (behind Jones Dining Hall). Faculty and staff can request a gate access card from the Office of Disability Services (ODS) located in the Student Center, Room 5-5.1 Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Additional parking is located outside the gate for students with valid a Texas State parking permit and visitors. There is a guard booth at the entrance of the garage from 7 am to 5 pm (Monday through Friday) if you need help locating a space.

Entering the Library

A 4-tiered ramp is located on the south side (the side nearest to downtown) of the library. At the top of the ramp, the teaching theater of the Alkek Library will be on your right. Proceed forward around the teaching theater to the library breezeway. The automatic door is the last door on the right.

Another entrance is located on the east side of the library near Derrick Hall and is opened by an access card. Students, faculty and staff registered at ODS can request a card from the Library Administrative Services Office (room 204) Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm. Access cards are free of charge but replacement cards cost $7.

Leaving the Library in an Emergency

Go into the nearest stairwell and shut the door so that the stairwell remains fireproof.
Firefighters and police know to check these areas and will assist you out of the building.
Do not use the elevators.

Reference Services

Staff at the main floor information desk can direct you to books, journals, and other sources for your research.

You can also call 512-245-2686, use the Ask a Librarian service or schedule an appointment.

Retrieving Library Materials

For Ask
Books on floors 5-7 Checkout Desk, Floor 3
Periodicals, Media, Reserve & Specialized Collections Checkout Desk, Floor 3
Government Documents Government Documents Desk, Floor 5
Special Collections The Wittliff Collections, Floor 7 - Monday through Friday 8-5pm

Every effort is made to provide prompt assistance, but the library staff may require additional time during peak hours and on the weekends.
To retrieve a large number of items, please allow at least 24 hours turnaround time.

Returning Library Materials

Book drops are located at the library entrance and in the library parking garage entrance off Talbot Street.

Copying and Scanning

Copiers are located floors 2 and 3. You may ask for assistance at the 3rd floor Checkout Desk or 2nd Floor Ask Alkek Desk

There are also free scanners on floors 2 and 3. Ask at the service desk if you need assistance.

HathiTrust Access for Patrons with Print Disabilities

Students, faculty and staff who have a print disability may be eligible to receive special lawful access to the entire HathiTrust collection, even those volumes restricted for general use (in-copyright materials). To verify your eligibility and request HathiTrust access to in-copyright materials, please complete this form: HathiTrust Eligibility Verification and Request for Materials

Purple VRS

Video Relay Services (VRS) provides Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals a means to communicate over video desktop and mobile devices with hearing individuals in real time using American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

Reserve Area Equipment 4-Track Talking Book Cassette Player

Plays the specialized 4-track tapes from the Texas State Library's Talking Book program. The player can be checked out with a student ID and taken anywhere in the library.

Computer Lab Equipment - Second Floor
Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Eliminates keyboard use by allowing user to enter text and control programs by voice. To use this system you must set up a voice file which may require several hours of training. Success of the voice recognition program varies among users.


Interactive computer program designed to make Windows and Windows-based applications accessible to the blind/visually impaired. The program provides screen magnification and speech synthesis for screen description, commands, creating, editing, and reading electronic documents.


OpenBook converts printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format using high-quality speech and the optical character recognition (OCR) technology.


Enlarges and reads aloud everything on the computer screen

For more information about the equipment on the 6th floor, contact:
Eric Garza or Floyd Stull at 512-245-2106.

There is also an Assistive Technology Computer Lab in the Academic Services Building South - Room 201, phone number 512-245-8073.

SLAC (Student Learning Assistance Center) - Fourth Floor

SLAC offers help to all students in a variety of areas such as reading, writing, history, math, science, and study skills. No appointment is necessary but services are not available during final exam weeks and interim periods.
For more information, contact:
Carol Dochen at 512-245-2515 or

Contact Us

For additional information or suggestions contact:
Stephanie Towery at 512-245-1090 or