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Dissertation & Thesis Instructions

The library extracts all repository information from Vireo.

Alkek Library provides binding services for personal copies of theses/dissertations.  You must provide your own copies to be bound.



Collation & Formatting Responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that copies are complete, the pages facethe correct direction, and the page order is correct.   Printing one-sided is highly recommended. This allows for ½ inch book binding on the left.


Paper Quality

You can choose regular, non-archival paper for personal copies, though The Graduate College and Alkek Library recommend using acid-free paper for longevity.


Payment and drop off at Alkek Library

Drop off your copies at the Circulation Desk in Alkek Library between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday - Friday.  Payment for personal and department copies must be made at the time the copies are deposited at the Circulation Desk. The library accepts cash, credit card, or check.

  • Personal copies:
    • You must provide your own copies to be bound.
    • $15 processing fee per order; plus approximately $9 binding fee per copy
    • Shipped via FedEx in approximately 10 weeks to address provided
  • Department copies:
    • You must provide your own copies to be bound.
    • Approximately $9 binding fee per copy
    • No processing fee
    • Department copies will be sent through campus mail.