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Texas State University

Round Rock Campus: How to upload a document to Send&Print

1. Go to

2. Click Print.

Web Printing Button

3. Enter your NetID and password. Click Log In.

Log-In window

4. Select the printer where you would like to send your documents.

A list of printers

5. Click Choose File and locate the document that you want to print, then click Continue.

File uploader.



NOTE: Current supported formats are .txt, .pdf, .html. and Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Alternatively, enter a Web address in the Web Page field to print out a webpage directly.

6. Make PaperDuplex and Orientation adjustments as needed, then click Continue.

Printer options

7. The print job will be Processing. When processing is finished, the screen will display Complete on the page.

Processing screen.

NOTE: You will have 12 hours to pick up your print out from a SendNPrint Spot on on campus.