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Reserve a Room

Collaboration Rooms (on the Alkek Library's main floor) are now open for partner project work for two people at a time to use. Masks are required in these rooms. The rooms must be reserved by either using the EMS online reservation system or swiping into the tablet located outside each room.

In addition, Individual Study Rooms (located along the perimeter of floors 5-7)  are available for solo work only and require an online reservation using the EMS online reservation system. 

Study rooms in the third floor Graduate Commons and first-floor YouStar Studios are also reservable through the EMS reservation system.

Rooms may be reserved for up to 2 one-hour reservations per person per day. When making an online reservation, Firefox is the recommended browser as the Sign In functions sometimes failsl when using other search engines.

To keep library patrons safe, the group study rooms are now closed with the exception of those in our graduate commons until we believe that we can reopen them safely. We recommend that group work be done online using the university's Zoom and Teams licenses.

New features: We have new ways to make reservations for spaces in the Alkek Library. You can make a future reservation online using the EMS application linked from the button below or make an immediate one-hour reservation using tablets located outside reservable rooms equipped with this option. In addition, immediate reservations for the YouStar Studios can be made from the kiosks located on each floor of the building.

PLEASE NOTE: Room capacities are specified for each reservable room. Individuals who make the room reservation will be held responsible if occupancy levels exceed specified maximums. Therefore, it is important to cancel any reservation that you will not be able to use in person. Room capacities allow for appropriate social distancing. Noncompliance with the university‚Äôs health and safety measures will be handled through existing staff disciplinefaculty discipline and student judicial processes

Masks are to be worn any time more than one person is occupying a room.

Reserve your space online

Firefox is the recommended browser when using this system. Other search engines sometimes fail to allow users to sign in.

Learn about Alkek spaces

Find information about room capacity, resources and use guidelines in the Alkek Library.

Other reservable spaces in the Alkek Library