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GeoSpace in Alkek One

Explore the GeoSpace

The Alkek Library GeoSpace provides users with opportunities to approach data in unique ways through enhanced experiences using geospatial technologies including GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and GeoComputation. Geospatial technologies utilize computers to capture, manage, analyze and visualize geographic data to promote understanding and assist with decision making. Geospatial technologies are useful and applicable in almost every discipline including architecture, art, agriculture, basic and applied sciences, business, criminal justice, engineering, education, geography, sociology and political science. These disciplines benefit from the ability to capture, manage, visualize and explore relationships among the measurable properties of our planet. Geospatial technologies provide users with unlimited abilities to gain multi-dimensional insights from their data.


What's in the GeoSpace?

The GeoSpace consists of an instructional space equipped with 22 computer workstations loaded with GIS software with 34-inch curved monitors perfect for data visualization work, and an interactive display space equipped with powerful computer systems including PufferTouch2+ Mobile Globe and an Ideum Multi-touch Pro system that enhances the visualization of geospatial data and engages users. At the GeoSpace, patrons are able to use modern equipment like unmanned aerial vehicles and GPS units to speedily acquire field data. They are also able to manage, integrate and analyze big and multi-dimensional datasets using the available high-speed computers. The wider monitors and multi-touch display equipment in the instructional space and the interactive display area provide patrons with superior visualization of spatial data.

Glowing globe activity using PufferTouch 2+ Mobile Globe
Curved monitor in the GeoSpace

What services are provided?

GIS specialists in the GeoSpace serve and assist with the geospatial needs of Texas State students, faculty and staff as well as interested members of the San Marcos Community. Our GIS experts provide support (in the form of guidance or directions) for GIS data-related coursework, research, and teaching;  including help with geospatial analysis, map-making, converting data to other formats and data management best practices. Staff can provide guidance on finding reliable spatial data sets. Schedule an in-person consultation, chat online, email or call our GIS service specialist for help with geospatial needs. Alkek One also offers periodic workshops and classes including instructional sessions on basic to advance geospatial techniques.