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Texas State University


Location: Alkek Library 3rd Floor
Rooms: 304
Capacity: 10
Reservable: Students wishing to make an appointment for a critiqued presentation through the Communications Studies program should make an appointment.

Note: This room can also be reserved to practice your presentation without formal evaluation or for collaborating with your study group or project team.


  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Podium
  • Large shared monitor
  • 3 HDMI connection cables
  • 1 VGA connection cable
  • Laptop power connections
  • Glass writing walls

This room is a great place to practice delivering your presentation. Students experiencing communication apprehension or "stage fright" can make an appointment with a trained presentation coach through the Communications Studies department. Those appointments are made by the Comm Studies staff and are not available through the library's reservation system. Reservations for room 304 can be made for up to two-hour sessions through the library's reservation system for use as a general collaboration room when not blocked for coaching sessions.

Image of the Comm Lab