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Editing Video

Once you complete your recording in YouStar Studio, you may want to edit your video by trimming the beginning and end or by piecing video clips together. Below are links to resources that will assist you with finding editing software, as well as links to self-paced guides and tutorials.

Always plan for editing time. For a basic video, you should plan for at least two hours of editing time for every hour of video.

Both of the basic editing tools listed below are open source and can be downloaded for free. Adobe Premiere is available to students on computers in the Open Computer Labs, and for faculty and staff download to Texas State owned computers.

For additional tips and tricks on creating a video, visit the Mediaflo DIY Video Creation page.

Basic Editing Software


Basic Editing for Mac

iMovie for Mac allows users to easily create high resolution videos. You can browse saved video clips readily, and edit them to your liking. Users can even start the editing process on an iPhone or iPad and finish on a Mac.

iMovie is free as part of the Essentials Package on all Apple Devices, and should be located in the Applications folder on your computer. If iMovie is not installed on your computer you can download iMovie from the Apple AppStore.

The iMovie User Guide is s step-by-step guide to creating video in iMovie with video tutorials.

Self-Paced Training offers self-paced training on iMovie. iMovie 10.1.1 Essential Training by Garrick Chow will walk you though the process of editing a video in iMoive. Login with your Texas State Net ID and password to view content.

OpenShot Video Editor
Basic Editing for Windows

OpenShot Video Editor is an open source free video editing software that enables you to create home movies and slide shows on your computer, complete with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects, music, and even narration.

Download OpenShot Video Editor to your computer and get started.

Self-Paced Training

The OpenShot User Guide will help you learn how to create your video and also features a Quick Tutorial for more advanced users.

Advanced Editing Software

Adobe Premiere
Advanced Editing for Windows and Mac

Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced linear video editing program. This feature rich tool can be overwhelming for people new to video editing. If iMovie or OpenShot don't meet your needs, Adobe Premiere should.

Students can use the full Adobe CC software suite on computers in the Open Computer Labs. Subscriptions for personal use can be purchased from Adobe using an education discount on Adobe Creative Cloud.

Faculty and staff can download Adobe CC to Texas State owned computers for Texas State work.

Self-Paced Training

The Adobe Premiere User Guide is a collection of step-by-step instructions and instructional videos that will help you create video.

Self-paced training is also available from Simply login with your Texas State NetID and password. Premiere Pro CC 2017 Essential Training: The Basics by Ashley Kennedy