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Signs of Progress

Signs of Progress Alkek 2020 Vision

What areas are currently under construction and how loud will it be?

1st Floor (Noise level - 4)

The first floor is closed to the public and will reopen in the spring of 2020. See info below about relocation of first floor rooms and services.

2nd Floor (Noise level - 4)

Demolition is happening behind the large wall to make way for the new Starbucks opening Spring 2020.

3rd Floor (Noise level - 4)

The floor is now open with a brand new Checkout Desk. There will be ongoing furniture movement as we get settled in for the fall semester. New furniture will be arriving soon! The restrooms on this floor are still under construction and will not reopen until later this fall.

7th Floor (Noise level - 5)

New offices and gallery spaces are being added to the seventh floor. The new Wittliff Collections galleries will open in the spring of 2020, however, existing galleries will remain open during construction.

*Please note that construction noise from the floors listed above will travel to other floors as well. Noise levels indicated are on a scale of 0-10 for the floor where construction is happening.

Where did everything go?

Several service areas and spaces in the library have been temporarily relocated.
Here is a list of relocations and closures:

 Circulation Desk -- Now permanently relocated to the third floor Checkout Desk for any borrowing need from the library.

Research & Information Desk -- New desk, center of main floor now open!

Open Computer Labs -- now located on floors 2, 5, and 6. Computers in 4th floor classrooms, 452 & 440 can also be used when no class is in session.

Vending Machines & Microwaves -- permanently relocated to the 4th floor.

Government Information Services -- temporarily relocated to the 5th floor.

GIS Services -- temporarily relocated to the 5th floor.

3D Printing Lab -- temporarily relocated to the 6th floor.

Nursing Mother's Room -- now in room 536.

YouStar Studio -- closed until Spring 2020.

7th Floor Individual Study Rooms -- some permanently closed.